are our world

Our world is the world of metals

G.RAU has a long tradition of innovative metal solutions. Since the company was founded, everything has revolved around the development potential offered by these complex and versatile materials. This has always
been the case and will always remain so. Our world is the world of metals.

Acting globally – regionally connected
We have been a fixture within the circle of global metals players for decades. Nevertheless, the foundation of our activities remains the constant relationship with our roots, which were laid in 1877 as a supplier to the jewelry industry. The headquarters of G.RAU remains in Pforzheim, where four production sites and the headquarters of the two subsidiaries are located. From there, our influence reaches out into the world. G.RAU has offices in Costa Rica and the USA. Altogether, five companies currently belong to the G.RAU Group. In total, the group employs around 1,700 people.

Nothing is more constant than change
Today we manufacture products for various applications from a range of over 200 different metals and alloys. Our team of around 650 G.RAU employees produce strips, tubes, and wires from precious metals, special alloys, and composite materials. We also manufacture precision parts and complex assemblies from these preliminary products. Our portfolio is constantly subject to change to meet the needs of our customers and the markets served.

Well positioned for the future
Equipped with over 140 years of experience, we develop metal innovations that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Our production sites are equipped with the latest technologies and machines; using the opportunities offered by the new transformation processes of today’s digital world.

G.RAU – preferred by well-known companies
Our view to the future, coupled with over a century of continuity and consistency, has made us the preferred supplier of globally operating companies. Our clientele includes well-known companies in the automotive supply industry, electronics, and electrical engineering. G.RAU Group subsidiaries: EUROFLEX GmbH and ADMEDES GmbH, are also well-positioned as suppliers in medical technology. Both companies are world market leaders in their product areas. EUROFLEX offers high-grade semi-finished products and components from a variety of materials. ADMEDES specializes in the manufacture of finished nitinol self-expandable components to the medical device industry.