Contact stamping-bending parts and

G.RAU produces all contact stamping-bending parts and assemblies on state-of-the-art stamping and bending equipment.

Fully automated, we can process several strips simultaneously into assemblies, weld on contact materials or rivet contacts, cut threads or insert screws. Welding processes are executed by means of resistance welding or laser systems horizontally or vertically. The 100% vision system-based, process-integrated control guarantees the high quality of the products delivered.

The complex parts and assemblies are stamped from copper, copper alloy, nickel, nickel alloys, steel or stainless steel as well as from compound materials based on gold and silver. In addition, our surface engineering department can electroplate or chemically coat stamped strips and parts.

We would be happy to assist you in the selection of materials or plating technologies to suit your application and also are to give you any technical advice you may need.