Strips made
of contact bimetal

Contact bimetals are cladded materials which combine the advantageous properties of cost-effective carrier materials with special contact properties of precious metals or precious metal alloys.

Contact materials primarily require good switching characteristics, which is therefore the decisive factor for the selection of a precious metal or precious metal alloy. The carrier materials to be used are characterized by their high degree of electrical and thermal conductivity. Sufficient strength and spring properties as well as the very best technological properties such as solderability and weldability are beneficial.

G.RAU produces contact bimetal strips by means of warm and cold cladding , welding and seam welding technologies. The selection of the manufacturing technology is based on the properties and sizes required by the customer as well as the material combination associated with this. Copper, copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys and various types of precious metals are predominantly used as carrier material. Upon request, we can also supply electroplated strips.

We are also able to provide any advice you may need in terms of selecting the most suitable materials for your respective application.