Strips made of

Thermobimetals are composite materials that consist of at least two components with different thermal expansion coefficients.

Thermal solutions

During heating, components expand to a certain degree, therefore causing the curvature of the thermobimetal. The greater the difference between the two components in thermal expansion is the greater the curvature will be.

During practical application external forces often restrict a free movement of the thermobimetal. Any partial or complete restriction results in a corresponding force. This way a thermobimetal has the capacity of retaining or releasing energy.

G.RAU produces varieties with the highest thermal sensitivity or with defined electrical resistance. Our product range also contains thermobimetals with outstanding corrosion resistance and high thermal application limits. In addition to the thermobimetals certified in accordance with DIN 1715, G.RAU also produces several special grade thermobimetals.

Strips can also be electroplated to achieve a higher degree of corrosion protection and weldability.

G.RAU manufactures strips with thicknesses from 0.08 mm to 2 mm and widths from 1 mm to 150 mm. Special sizes are also available. Tolerances vary depending on size; the lowest tolerance is ±0.1 mm for width and ±0.002 mm for thickness. Our customer service would be happy to assist you in selecting the suitable thermobimetal variety.