Surface Engineering



We have significantly expanded our portfolio in the metalworking sector with the expansion of the existing chemical nickel plant and the construction of two further strip electroplating plants and can process strips (selective and allover) and single parts with all coating metals and techniques required on the market.

G.RAU is concentrating significantly in its surface technology and all electrolytic and electroless galvanic processes at one location in Pforzheim.

We can offer strips also made from special alloys and lead frames with subsequent galvanic coating from a single source and manufacture with short delivery times. The existing single parts electroplating also offers the possibility to coat stamped parts, turned parts, deep-drawn parts and extruded parts galvanically or chemically for small series or mass production on fully automated production lines.

Furthermore, all known slide grinding processes, PER degreasing and electro polishing in the drum or on the rack are possible.

G.RAU relies on the use of functional surfaces that are applied galvanically or without electricity. Strips, lead frames, wires and single parts are hereby coated applied with all common metals to meet the increasingly complex requirements. The partially or selectively coating especially of precious metals is in the main reason here in order to be able to offer cost-saving manufacturing options when using precious metals.

Additional processes, such as electro polishing or the coating of all known metals and special alloys that are used in the automotive industry and medical technology.

We also use special processes to fully meet the highest particle requirements from the automotive industry and electrical engineering.

In particular, we would like to draw attention to our -electrolessly deposited nickel-phosphor coatings (4-8 % phosphorus). We produce surfaces which are wear-resistant and against corrosion. These surfaces combined with our precious metals offer a cost saving finishing of the contacts.





Surface technology (PDF)